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About us

Liberate brain to brilliance Learn to win through ABCD Miracle happens every time, around you! Experience it through the-Your Campus and Our ABCD (Abacus- Based Child Development) program and other skill development courses of Liber Abacus Academy. Clear understanding of easy ways and simple tricks to learn and practice pave the way for academic and professional brilliance of your wards. Make them more competent in studies, reasoning, communication, and solving problems by upscaling mathematical skill, spirit of enquiry, language skills and technical skills. Let them dazzle the world with achievements in everything they do. Well programmed and intelligently designed courses of Liber Educational Academy motivates and inspires students of 6th standard and above to enhance their performance in studies and spirit of self- reliance. Within a decade in the field Liber Educational Academy has spread its operations among 35000 students of 325 schools across Kerala. As the development of mathematical skill is the foundation of logical thinking reasoning power and correct response, the main thrust is on abacus, Vedic Mathematics and speed Mathematics among other courses of skill development. Our trained and experienced experts visit your campus. They engage your students to aspire, aim and achieve through learning these skills. We implement three types of courses: 1) ABCD program -Abacus with speed Mathematics and Vedic mathematics, Rubix cube and story- telling 2) Communicative English, and 3) vocational skill.